Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde


From humble beginnings in coffee houses and folk clubs in London, Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde were 'discovered' by famed movie composer John Barry and recorded a string of hits - "Yesterday's Gone", "Summer Song", "Willow Weep For Me", "If I Loved You", "Before and After" and "Distant Shores". As former drama students, they were quickly snapped up by Hollywood ("We had long hair and could string a sentence together"), appearing as themselves in legendary television shows including The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Patty Duke Show, Laredo (a western yet!) and Batman.

As the turbulent sixties drew to a close, they produced their best studio work (Of Cabbages & Kings and The Ark), but Jeremy's heart was in his acting career. He returned to England to perform on the London stage while Chad remained in Los Angeles working as an arranger and record producer. A brief reunion and album in the 1980s failed to catch the imagination of the public and that, seemingly, was the end of that.

They were gone but not forgotten it seems. With thirty seven re-releases of their albums, re-runs of their TV shows and Summer Song heard not only on oldies radio, but in the movies (Rushmore and Princess Diaries) and the Sports Heaven spots at the 2006 Super Bowl, Chad & Jeremy have retained their own niche in the national consciousness.

Serendipity intervened in the summer of 2003 with a PBS TV music special. Since then they have performed all over the States, Canada, Hawaii and the Philippines. In 2008 they released ARK-eology, an album featuring the ultimate re-recordings of their favorite classic songs, and will soon release a live album of their popular concert shows.

Still crazy after all these years, still standing after all this time and still trying to keep the customer satisfied, armed only with guitars, piano, mandolin, video clips from their TV shows and their irrepressible humor, they give their audiences an evening to remember.

Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde are back - because they couldn't stay away.

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Stephan Boyd
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Los Angeles, CA 90024
Tel (310) 734-6130
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