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Chad takes a look at Yesterday's Gone, the perfect companion to chocolate cake!discography...

Here's an LP by LP discography of C&J, many with track by track commentary by Chad Stuart...


Yesterday's Gone (1964)

Sing For You (1965)

Before and After (1965)

I Don't Want To Lose You Baby (1965)

Distant Shores (1966)

Of Cabbages and Kings (1967)

The Ark (1968)

Three in the Attic (1969)

Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde (1983)

In Concert (2003; recorded 1987)

The Acoustic Set - Summer 2004 (2004)

The Acoustic Set - Summer 2005 (2005)

Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde 2006 (2006)

Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde 2007 (2007)

ARK-eology (2008)

Merry Christmas From Sun Valley [mini-album] (2009)

You Are She [single] (2010)

50 Years On... (2010)

Chad Stuart: Don't Argue With An Elephant (2010; recorded 1990s)

Electric Paintbox Radio: What Really Happened To Wenceslas? [short audio play] (2010)

Reflection (2012)

Rien Ne Va Plus (2013)

Chad Stuart & The KGB (2013)

Other Songs (1963-1968)

An Electric Paintbox production.
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