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timeline...part six (in the wilderness: 1987 to 2002)

The end of the 1980s seemed to bring an end to the C&J story, but one should never say never...

Jeremy in the early 1990s.   Almost immediately after the breakup, Jeremy returned to The Adventures of William Tell (inexplicably retitled Crossbow in the states), and appeared in a minor film called Wilt (which was also inexplicably retitled in the US, this time to The Adventures of Mr. Wilt). But it was on television where he truly blossomed. In 1992 he starred alongside Simon Williams in Granada TV's 1930s adventure comedy The Mixer, following that with a star turn in Is It Legal? for three series from 1995-1998. He continued to appear in films, including Kaspar Hauser, a German film which won great acclaim and 9 international film awards, and was often on stage. In 1995 he was again singing in front of audiences in a revival of Cavalcade - amongst many other credits. He bookended the decade with appearances on the long-running medical drama "Casualty", as well as appearing in such well-known programs as "Inspector Morse" and "A Touch Of Frost". His theatre work, however, provided even broader outlet - even at one point casting him in the role of a Nazi on trial at Nuremberg. An actor of great range, throughout the last 30 years Jeremy has been likely to pop up in theatre, television, and film work of any type at any given time. Privately, he began work on a musical and continued to write prolifically with friend and lyricist David Pierce. In 2000, he appeared in the major motion picture The Musketeer. It was just the most recent in a string of successes in a decade that saw a series of fine and varied performances on stage and screen - both silver and small.  Chad in 1992.


Chad would keep a much lower profile during the 15 years between 'C&J Mark II' and the reunion to come. Then married to his second wife, and with a young son and daughter, he opted for the family life as opposed to a more active pursuit of fame and fortune. In 1990, Chad moved out of the LA rat race, and to this day still lives in beautiful (and isolated!) Ketchum, Idaho. He has spent much of the last two decades as a music teacher, and has never stopped composing and recording in his home studio (which he christened the "Electric Paintbox"), whether for just himself or for commercial release. Throughout much of the 1990s, he hosted his own local radio program, but he gave it up at the end of the decade. He wrote a children's book, called The Ballymara Flood, first published in 1996. Chad was happily raising a family, out of the limelight and enjoying watching his children grow. But as the 1990s came to a close, he longed to give it one more go, and could see the that changes that were already afoot in technology and the recording industry would make that possible. Chad could see that he now had the opportunity to reach out directly to the fans without the need to rely on some big corporation meant a chance to 'do it yourself', to produce the music he wanted to make and do it the way he wanted to make it, by reaching out directly to his audience on the internet.

Inevitably, he thought of the disappointments of the 1980s, especially the large number of unrecorded songs C&J still had on the table after the failure of Rocshire records, and he felt that there was a great deal of unfinished business to be done. That artistic disappointment was a strong motivation in his decision to come out of the retirement he had led for the last decade, and of course to see what his friend Jeremy thought about it all.

Sometimes even your wildest dreams can't live up to the reality yet to come.

Chad at an outdoor concert in Ketchum, Idaho in the Summer of 2001. Jeremy in London, Fall 2000.

I. Prologue (before 1964)

II. Fame, Part One (1964-1969)

III. Fame, Part Two (1966-1968)

IV. Epilogue (1969-1982)

V. Rebirth (1983-1987)

VII. C&J Today (2002-present)

An Electric Paintbox production.
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