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timeline...part seven (reunited again: 2002 to today)

After fifteen years apart, C&J found that making music was simply too much fun to not do again...

    Throughout the 1990s, much like the 1970s, C&J's relationship was distant at times. This was simply the natural product of two people living very different lives on two separate continents - but they reconnected at the beginning of the 2000s. It is the sort of friendship that lasts, and is easily rekindled.

At the close of the 1990s Chad could see that the internet would change music forever, and was already opening up real possibilities for artists to go around the traditional system and succeed. Artists at last would have a chance to make music the way they want to, when and how they want to, and distribute it directly to their fans. He had never stopped writing and recording, and he wanted to share that with the world. Chad & Jeremy's dissolution in the 1980s was one filled with disillusion with the recording industry, and with the business as a whole - the system had let them down, and C&J were left holding the bag in many respects. Their big comeback album was sent straight to the cutout bins because the label president went to jail, and they were unable to secure a new deal in spite of the obvious promise of their new material. Now, they both felt it was time for some of this material to be heard by the public. Meanwhile, Jeremy had not stopped writing either, and found himself increasingly missing the musical side of his life. Jeremy was definitely interested in recording again. But baby steps were needed before the 'big plunge'.

In April and June of 2002, Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde returned to their roots with a transatlantic re-recording of their very first record, "Yesterday's Gone", released as a bonus track on Chad & Jeremy In Concert 1987: The Official Bootleg an archival recording of one of their final 1980s reunion concerts, released to celebrate their 40th Anniversary year. At the time of recording that first reunion song, there was still no viable plan for a reunion concert, although it was something that C&J were interested in exploring. In stepped PBS.

In the early months of 2003, the possibility of another full-fledged reunion became a reality. When in June 2003, Chad and Jeremy reunited in Provence, France to rehearse for upcoming live shows, it marked the first time since September of 1987 that the two had played together in the same room. Yet their sound was as sweet as ever it was. The duo performed in Cleveland, Ohio on August 12th, as a part of a British Invasion concert being filmed for broadcast on PBS. They sounded as if the 15 years since their last reunion had been only 15 weeks. Immediately after the show, they promised each other that they simply HAD to tour again. It was too much fun not to.

Since 2004 live shows have become an annual tradition every spring and fall, as Chad and Jeremy (ably represented by Stephan Boyd at Icon Entertainment) continue to tour the United States and beyond. During the 'off season' from touring, Jeremy continues to feature in plays and television roles in the UK, while Chad continues to teach music and record in Idaho. In the last few years Jeremy has featured in roles in Eastenders, My Family, Ashes To Ashes, as well as a recurring role as disgraced Conservative politician Johnathan Aitken in The Alan Clark Diaries.

In September of 2003 C&J began working in the studio again - recording demos some of which would become the basis of the first of their 'tour CDs', which were exclusively sold to concert goers from 2004-2007. Chad's "Electric Paintbox" studio is the locale for C&J's modern day recordings, which are made in many layers over a period of time as and when the musical mood strikes the group.

Twice, Chad & Jeremy have taken their live show abroad to appreciative audiences in the Philippines. A tour there in 2004 led to a return visit with the Association in 2007. They've also shared bills with Terry Sylvester of the Hollies, Peter Noone, and many others - all while resisting the temptation to ever become an "oldies" act. Instead a concert is really an evening with Chad & Jeremy. They play the hits, charm with their humor, and feature a wide variety of unheard or rare material new or old. In 2008, C&J finally got the chance to perform live with another great British duo - Peter & Gordon - sharing the bill for a Las Vegas concert and ending the show with an encore of "Bye Bye Love".

Their newest major retail release was issued in late 2008, in the form of ARK-eology - a collection of their personal favourite songs from the 1960s era arranged in reverse chronological order representing the layers of soil that a Chad & Jeremy ARK-eologist would have to uncover to rediscover these classics in their ultimate recorded editions.

In late 2009 and early 2010, C&J surprised their fans with limited edition mp3 downloads directly on their website through a special player - first for Christmas was "Merry Christmas From Sun Valley", a 6 song EP including the debut of Beth Stuart Baker, Chad's daughter. Then on Valentine's, there was the "You Are She" single. Both of these were available for a short period of time only as special treats to fans. These releases show that although the group marks 50 years together in September of 2010, they're not adverse to using the latest technology to explore new ways to get new music out to their fans.

To celebrate the event of the 50th anniversary since that fateful day in September of 1960 when Chad first met Jeremy, C&J have released "Fifty Years On..." a new CD available exclusively at concert appearances and at starting in September 2010. "Fifty Years On..." features personal favorites and songs that have a special meaning to the duo of their five decades of musical friendship.

During 2011 and 2012, Chad & Jeremy were featured on two different PBS Specials and released a new live album entitled 'Reflection'. This while they took time away from touring together, each finding opportunities to branch out in their own directions. Jeremy took a leading role in the award-winning West End play 'Three Days In May' and Chad embarked on his first solo performance tour since the 1970s. This meant a break from the traditional twice-yearly touring schedule, but by the time the group was name-checked on the popular 'Mad Men' television show and the strains of 'A Summer Song' were heard in the summer blockbuster 'Men In Black III', Chad & Jeremy were gearing up for their return to the stage for the fall of 2012.

Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde have come full circle. In the 1960s, they were thrilling audiences all over the world, and the duo is doing the same 50 years later. Whether on stage, on their brand-new albums, or through archival releases of unheard material, you can be sure that Chad and Jeremy have a lot more to say.

Only time will tell...

I. Prologue (before 1964)

II. Fame, Part One (1964-1969)

III. Fame, Part Two (1966-1968)

IV. Epilogue (1969-1982)

V. Rebirth (1983-1987)

VI. The Wilderness Years (1987-2002)

An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2010  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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