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So young, yet so vandalous!

yesterday's gone

(WAS 2002, summer 1964)

A Summer Song (2:38)

Now and Forever (1:45)

Dirty Old Town (3:04)

Like I Love You Today (2:38)

September in the Rain (2:30)

Yesterday's Gone (2:29)

If She Was Mine (2:03)

Willow Weep for Me (2:33)

Only for the Young (2:55)

Too Soon My Love (2:28)

The Truth Often Hurts the Heart (2:49)

No Tears for Johnny (2:58)


This was our very first attempt. An exciting time because everything was so new. To his great credit, John Barry not only approved my very first song, (Yesterday's Gone) as our first single, but he also let me arrange it. Wow! heady stuff for a green young musician just out of college.

     We never thought Summer Song could possibly be a single. It was just a pretty, romantic song. Or so we thought . . .  you never can tell, can you?

     We were just a couple of folkies really, even though I played in rock bands to pay the rent. And the concept of doing the odd ballad now and then was validated by McCartney's singing "Till there was you". All in all, it made for quite a grab bag of styles. Two characters in search of a musical identity!

     But the really scary part was yet to come. After you've written a hit song, what happens next? You write another one, at least that's the theory. After getting lucky two times in a row, I started to feel like I was on a surfboard for the first time having caught a wave entirely by accident. Everyone's watching and I have no idea what to do next! "Come on kid! Write another hit!" Not as easy as you might think.


All of these songs are included in a 2CD set entitled "Now And Forever, released by Acrobat Records in 2007.

An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2006  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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