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chad stuart & jeremy clyde 2006

(no cat. number, Electric Paintbox CDR, July 14th 2006)

Zanzibar Sunset (3:54)

Everyone's Gone To The Moon (3:36)

What Do You Want With Me? (2:42)

Homeward Bound (2:46)

Rien Ne Va Plus (3:34)

When And If I Can (2:48)

All The Harvests (4:24)

Doghouse Blues (3:15)

Hey Baby (2:34)

The Way You Look Tonight (3:22)

Before And After (3:10)

Distant Shores (3:03)

I'll Be Back (2:56)

A Summer Song (3:01)

Yesterday's Gone (2:42)


    This CD was initially available only at their 2006 live shows. Included are six previously released tracks (all but "Distant Shores" sporting brand new remixes), plus a massive nine completely new tracks. Like its predecessors, it is not a factory pressed CD, but rather a very limited edition CDR printed to demand. It is packaged in a slimline case like a CD single. It sold out on Electric Paintbox within only about a month of being made available online, and has been the best selling tour CD to date.


This CD-R was available at C&J's 2006 concert gigs and is no longer available, although several of these tracks were re-worked for the ARK-eology album and can be heard in their final form on that CD.

The same may well be the case with some of this sampler's newly-written material when Chad & Jeremy release their CD of all-new material in the future. Each annual tour CD-R - designed to be distributed in extremely limited quantities so that you could get a sneak peek, hopefully without ruining your appetite - represented the work-in-progress pencil sketches and demos to the final oil paintings that are the recordings you hear on ARK-eology, and in some cases potentially on the next CD.

An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2006  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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