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chad stuart & jeremy clyde 2007

(no cat. number, Electric Paintbox CDR, March 10th 2007)

Zanzibar Sunset (3:56)

When And If I Can (2:49)

Rest In Peace (5:30)

Distant Shores (3:03)

Homeward Bound (2:46)

When Your Love Has Gone (3:10)

Everyone's Gone To The Moon (3:36)

I'm In Love Again (2:38)

Before And After (3:10)

What Do You Want With Me? (2:42)

September In The Rain (3:16)

A Summer Song (3:00)

Yesterday's Gone (2:43)

Purple Haze (3:17)


    Unlike in previous years, this year's tour disc was concurrently made available at their 2007 live shows and via the internet. Included are some of the most demanded tracks from previous year's discs, as well as several new songs. "I'm In Love Again" was originally released on their first Columbia LP, "Before And After". "When Your Love Has Gone" makes its first appearance via extremely popular demand.

The surprise of this year's disc is a gorgeous instrumental performance of "Purple Haze", dedicated to Tyler Shelly.

Remixed this year are "September In The Rain" and "Rest In Peace", with the rest of the CD repeating material from past editions. Like its predecessors, this disc is not a pressed CD, but rather a CDR printed to demand as a souvenir of the year's concerts. It is packaged in a slimline case like a CD single.


This CD-R was available at Chad & Jeremy's 2007 concerts and throughout 2007 on Electric Paintbox online. It is no longer available, although several of these tracks were re-worked and re-recorded for the ARK-eology album and can be heard in their final form on that CD.

The same may well be the case with some of this sampler's newly-written material when Chad & Jeremy release their CD of all-new material in the future. Each annual tour CD-R - designed to be distributed in extremely limited quantities so that you could get a sneak peek, hopefully without ruining your appetite - represented the work-in-progress pencil sketches and demos to the final oil paintings that are the recordings you hear on ARK-eology, and in some cases potentially on the next CD.

An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2006  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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