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philipines, 2007 style...

A photo diary of C&J's second Asian adventure.

L to R. Larry (Association), Chad, Russ (Association), Jeremy and NoNoy, co-producer of the tour, at a get-to-know-you dinner at a great Italian restaurant in Makati City.

Our amazing, super competent, road managers, Viking and Dwight.

Our promoter, Renen de Guia and his wife Celinda, Julia Shelly, our photographer and videographer, with Chad and Jeremy in the lobby of the Holiday Inn in Manila, which incidentally is a very spiffy hotel.

Sound check at the Araneta Coliseum in Manila.

The audience at the Araneta. Note the girl second from right, texting!

NoNoy and his wife, Edith. They were extremely generous hosts, along with their partners, Renen and Celinda.

Our reception at the Waterfront hotel and casino on the island of Cebu was very gracious and cordial. Here we are being presented with a welcoming glass of guava juice. Delicious!

Backstage at the Waterfront Hotel.

We went to a wild life sanctuary on the island of Bacolod. This picture is a sad reminder of how every species of wildlife is being hunted to the brink of extinction over there.

We planted a tree, which probably won't do a whole lot of good, but we'll be bringing you more news about this sanctuary and how you can help in the months to come.

A press conference in Bacolod. Nice T-shirt!

We had a police escort wherever we went!

Here we are with our trusty outriders.

Soundcheck in Bacolod.

C&J with Renen de Guia, our promoter.

The plane that carried us from island to island.

The snacks weren't bad!

The entrance to Sonja's Garden, a spectacularly beautiful restaurant where we had lunch on our way to a couple of days R&R after the rigors of three concerts in three days on three different islands!

Jeremy with Tall Howard and Danee Samonte, both DJs on RJ-100 in Manila, who play our records a lot, thank goodness! (Danee promoted our first concerts in the Philippines in 2004.)

The view from our balcony. Not too shabby!

A typical "Jeepney" bus in the village.

"Tuk-tuks", motorcycles with side cars which everyone uses to get around town.

The local market. I'm trying to figure out how many pesos to pay for some bananas. It's harder than you think.

A street scene. Organised chaos!

Here we are heading off for a snorkelling expedition.

Chad and Totto, our skipper.

This is an active volcano. When I remember the name of it, I'll let you know.

A school bus in Manila. Way cooler than their American counterparts!

An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2007  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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