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Relaxing in '66.songs & videos...

Here are some sound and video files for your enjoyment, including interviews, rarities, and some things you may have never heard or seen. The sound files are in MP3, the videos are streamed via YouTube.



You Are She (live in concert)

C&J sing an a cappella version of their 1966 hit single. This song originally featured an ornate baroque backing, but for their 21st century concert appearances they have stripped it down to the beautiful bare essentials.

Yesterday's Gone (live in concert)

C&J perform their debut single for an appreciative 21st century audience.

The Truth Often Hurts The Heart (from "The Patty Duke Show", February 17th 1965)

On this edition of the Patty Duke Show C&J starred as downtrodden would-be British Invasion stars Nigel and Patrick. Patty gets them their big break and they repay her with a concert at her High School (as you do). The record that gave them their fictional big break is this track, presumably featured to help shift copies of the duo's first LP. This was filmed prior to the episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show that aired a week earlier, and in which they perform songs from their then-in-recording second LP. "A Summer Song" and "Yesterday's Gone" top and tail this episode, but only as extracts.

Homeward Bound (ARK-eology photo montage)

Lovingly assembled by C&J fan Rachel Case, this video montage features the new version of "Homeward Bound" from ARK-eology put to a series of photos from C&J's 2008 tour.

Distant Shores (from "Hollywood Palace", aired April 2nd 1966)

Martha Raye introduces Chad and Jeremy seen here having recently reunited after a several month absence from charts and screen. They perform "Distant Shores" here for the second time in under a month on network tv, yet it wouldn't be released as a single until June.

Willow Weep For Me (from "Shindig!", aired November 25th 1964)

One of Chad and Jeremy's earliest tv appearances, singing their then-latest hit "Willow Weep For Me". Unlike quite a lot of the groups on these sorts of shows, there was no lipsynching for Messrs Stuart & Clyde. At least not yet, anyway.

Bite The Bullet (music video)

Chad & Jeremy's 1984 music video for "Bite the Bullet", their reunion single. The video stars Lauren Hutton, and was quite a big budget affair. In the early days of music video there wasn't a whole lot for burgeoning cable channels like VH1 and MTV to show, so despite the arguable failings of this song the video got quite a lot of airplay.

A Summer Song (live in concert)

"A Summer Song" was C&J's biggest 1960s hit. Here it is performed live during one of their many 21st century concert tours.

Zanzibar Sunset (live in concert)

This song, originally a part of 1983's "Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde" LP, has been given a new arrangement and a new lease on life in the 21st century. Concert audiences have raved about it, now you can hear what the fuss is about.


Chad & Jeremy on Folk Festival Radio from Moonface Media Farm on Vimeo.

On May 4th, 2010 C&J appeared on "Folk Festival", a radio show broadcast by 90.9 FM WDCB Glen Ellyn/Chicago and hosted by Lilli Kuzma.

They perform four songs - "A Summer Song", "Zanzibar Sunset", "Take Out Some Insurance", and "You Need Feet" - as well as having a nice chat with Lilli about all sorts of topics, including their future album plans and the nature of fandom during this half-hour visit to the show.

If the above link from Vimeo does not work, please check out the YouTube links available here - broken into four convenient parts.


Chad Stuart Interview (The Ed Hurst Steel Pier Show; October 18th 2010)

Chad Stuart returns to the Steel Pier Radio Show, this time to discuss the fiftieth anniversary of C&J, and the "Fifty Years On" limited-edition CD. Included in the broadcast is a song from the disc, "So Right Tonight". The clip is 17.5mg in size, and over 18 minutes long. Provided by kind courtesy of Don P Hurley, who conducted the interview for the Ed Hurst Steel Pier Show - heard on Atlantic City's WIBG 1020 AM.

Chad Stuart Interview (The Ed Hurst Steel Pier Show; October 20th 2009)

A fantastic over ten minute interview with Chad Stuart, provided by kind courtesy of Don P Hurley, who conducted the interview for the Ed Hurst Steel Pier Show - heard on Atlantic City's WIBG 1020 AM.

Editorial (unreleased 2003 rehearsal)

First made available as part of a Special Feature on the June 2003 rehearsals (for that Special feature click here), this track is the first glimpse the public got of the duo in the 21st Century. They definitely still have it, and their performance of this "Of Cabbages And Kings" track is just as good now as it was nearly four decades ago.

Can't Come Back (1982 unreleased unedited version)

When the time came to release the 1983 album, one bonus track simply had to be on there, but the only existing tape was badly damaged. So Chad made an edit of it taking out the damaged sections (and sneakily adding handclap overdubs) for the CD release. Here is the unedited version, with the instrumental break intact, but with the tape damage coming along for the ride. It was placed online as part of a Special Feature about the album, with my unedited liner notes (for that Special feature click here). It's a track that Chad wrote for a British TV show, and was actually never intended for a C&J project.

"Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde" Radio Spot Outtake

Here is a previously unheard outtake from a radio commercial that was planned for the "Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde" LP. This hilarious piece was first made available online as part of a Special Feature about the 1983 LP (for that Special feature click here).

"Bite The Bullet" Promo Interview With Jeremy Clyde

Another archival item from the Special Feature called Rocshire Revisited (for that Special feature click here), here is the rare interview first issued on the back of promotional copies of "Bite The Bullet" in 1983.



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