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the interview
(a recent conversation with C&J, available via mp3)

Here is a C& first. An interview with the duo brought to you via mp3. Just reading a transcipt of what the guys have to say is nowhere near as fun as hearing it straight from them. So sit down with a hot cup of coffee, and prepare to be entertained and informed by Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde.

To hear the interview, simply click on the questions, and your media player should play the files. To download them, right click and save the files for listening at your leisure.

"When did you first decide to work together again?"

"So the project you've started on is called 'Now And Then'?"
They also talk about production techniques in the 1960s, and more reasons to get back together.

"Do you feel that since you've started you've improved as musicians?"

"Are you enjoying rearranging and reinterpreting your old songs?"
They also talk about breaking up, and about getting on infamously, and Chad scaring Jeremy.

"You've done quite a few gigs already?"
They also talk about the future of their shows.

"What was it like to be Chad & Jeremy in the sixties and what is it like now?"

An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2006  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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