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A veritable cornucopia of stuff that doesn't really fit elsewhere, plus picture spreads too big for our photo album pages.

Jeremy's Birthday Letter From London. Jeremy sends his thanks for the 2015 birthday cards. (Added 4/19/14)

Jeremy's Autumn Letter From London. Jeremy writes about the fall 2014 tour and 'The Bottom Drawer Sessions'. (Added 11/06/14)

Jeremy's Birthday Letter From London. Jeremy sends his thanks for the warm birthday wishes and announces a brand new solo project. (Added 3/31/14)

Summer Songs. A gallery of nearly 300 pictures from the summer 2013 tour, taken by videographer Alma Pitchford of LilMarauder Productions. (Added 9/2/13)

Fifty For Fifty. 2013 marks 50 years since the release of C&J's first single - "Yesterday's Gone". All year, we will be adding one photo a week to our 50 For 50 Gallery to eventually feature 50 photos celebrating the lives and times of Messrs. Stuart & Clyde. (Added 1/9/13 - updates every Wednesday all year)

Mini-May. After a long break, we relaunch the Special Features section with a look back at the most recent C&J mini tour in May of 2011, as C&J prepare to go on the road again in October of 2012. (Added 9/12/12)

Old Stomping Grounds. A photo feature of pictures from 2010, in anticipation of C&J's return visit to the Mohegan Sun Casino later this week. (Added 5/16/11)

Jeremy's Letter From London: A Thank You. Jeremy thanks his fans across the globe for their outpouring of love and support during his 70th birthday week. (Added 3/30/11)

Happy 70th Birthday Jeremy! We celebrate Jeremy Clyde's 70th birthday with a series of family snapshots from the year of his birth. (Added 3/22/11)

Jeremy's Letter From London: The Winter Tour. Jeremy Clyde starts a new irregular series today called "Letter From London" with his musings on the recent Winter Tour. (Added 3/10/11)

A Room With A View. Chad & Jeremy play the Shalin Liu Performance Center. (Added 2/28/11)

C&J In The Lonestar State. A behind the scenes photographic glimpse of when C&J returned to Texas. (Added 1/18/11)

C&J's Christmas Play. Chad & Jeremy's Christmas gift to their fans is a fun and satirical short audio play entitled "What Really Happened To Wenceslas?". (Added 12/21/10)

Chad On Elephant. Chad gives an interview about the recent CD release of his 1990s children's album, never before heard by the general public. (Added 12/7/10)

Chad's New Project. Chad tells us what he'll be doing this fall and winter. (Added 10/30/10)

Fall 2010 is here! C&J's 50th Anniversary Tour kicks off with a bang in Fairfield, CT. (Added 9/11/10)

Jeremy Clyde: "Has It Really Been 50 Years?" As C&J celebrate 50 years since their first meeting, Jeremy remembers how it all began. (Added 9/9/10)

Chad's Photo Diary: Labor Day In Sun Valley. In this bonus edition of Chad's Photo Diary, we take a look at Labor Day in Sun Valley, complete with a Western parade. (Added 8/30/10)

Chad's Photo Diary: Cassi's Wedding. Our new series takes a deeper look into the 'real life' of the "C" in "C&J", and this month celebrates one year since the wedding of Chad's wife Julia's daughter Cassi and her husband Kyl. (Added 8/30/10)

Chad's Photo Diary: Las Vegas. The first edition of a new series focuses on C&J's trip to Las Vegas in the fall of 2009, and the friends and family who greeted them there. (Added 7/14/10)

C&J On Folk Festival. A half-hour video of C&J performing and being interviewed on the Folk Festival radio show. (Added 6/26/10)

Jeremy Clyde Remembers Gordon Waller. As C&J prepare for the Gordon Waller Tribute Concert, Jeremy shares a few memories. (Added 5/26/10)

My Kind Of Town. Fan Pictures from Chicago, May 2010. (Added 5/19/10)

Chad & Jeremy At FitzGerald's. A series of pictures from C&J's May 2010 gig in Chicago. (Added 5/8/10)

Bonnie's Birthday: The Rest Of The Story. Here's what happened when Bonnie arrived in Chatham, NJ for C&J's first concert of 2010. (Added 4/27/10)

Happy Birthday, Bonnie. A special surprise photo update to celebrate a milestone birthday for perhaps the only C&J fan to ever get arrested for the cause of Stuart & Clyde. Happy birthday, Bonnie! (Added 4/15/10)

New York, New York. Jeremy Clyde tells us the story of C&J's recent trip to New York City, complete with photographs by J.J. McDade and Caswell Cooke. (Added 4/12/10)

Beautiful Music, Heavenly Surroundings. Chad & Jeremy sometimes find themselves playing at unusual venues - as this set of pictures from a beautiful former church proves. (Added 3/19/10)

Mohegan "Son". A look back at C&J's 2009 visit to the Mohegan Sun Casino, where they were backed by a very unique band. (Added 2/21/10)

Congratulations To Chad & Julia. A small selection of pictures of Chad and his new wife Julia, added on their wedding day as a tribute to their love. (Added 1/15/10)

St. Louis Success. A series of pictures from C&J's October 25th show at the Sheldon Concert Hall, dedicated to the tireless efforts of one fan who helped make it all possible. (Added 12/10/09)

Of Cabbages And Tweens. An amazing look at C&J live in 1967, through the camera lens of one devoted fan. (Added 12/10/09)

Horsing Around.Chad & Jeremy make a new friend in Sun Valley. (Added 11/02/09)

BB King Blues. A fantastic set of photos from Chad & Jeremy's October 28th, 2009 concert at the BB King Blues Club in New York. (Added 10/29/09)

Live At The Iron Horse. A selection of fan photos from their September 2009 gig in Northampton, MA. (Added 09/17/09)

Snapshots From The Road: Spring 2009. Chad & Jeremy are back on the road, from California to Connecticut. Originally posted to C&J's MySpace Page. (Added Spring 2009)

Snapshots From The Road: Winter 2009. The Sundance Film Festival beckons, as do more dates including a trip to Ohio. Originally posted to C&J's MySpace Page. (Added Winter 2009)

Snapshots From The Road: Fall 2008. As ARK-eology hits the stores, C&J hit the road again. Originally posted to C&J's MySpace Page. (Added Fall 2008)

Snapshots From The Road: Spring 2008. Chad & Jeremy are reunited with old friends, including their first ever live concert with Peter & Gordon. Originally posted to C&J's MySpace Page. (Added Spring 2008)

Snapshots From The Road: Winter 2008. Chad & Jeremy visit Florida, and perform at the Memphis Folk Alliance. Originally posted to C&J's MySpace Page. (Added Winter 2008)

Philippines, 2007 Style. A photo diary of the lad's summer 2007 return trip to the Philippines. (Added 07/30/07)

Downloadable Chad & Jeremy Interview. C&J on last year's tour, recording again, and what it was like being a pop star in the 1960s. (Added 02/18/05)

Beth's Tour Photos. Here's a collection of photos from Chad & Jeremy's 2004 trip to the Philippines, as taken by Chad's daughter, Beth, who also appeared in their show. (Added 02/17/05)

ROCSHIRE REVISITED! To celebrate the CD release of Chad & Jeremy's 1983 studio album, here are the complete unedited 'bonus track' liner notes, with a lot more detail of the bonus songs and THREE DOWNLOADABLE BONUS BONUS TRACKS. (Added 08/02/04)

REUNION, 2003 STYLE! Chad's day by day look at the duo's recent rehearsals in Provence, France! Includes exclusive photos from famed photograper Gered Mankowitz AND an EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOADABLE REHEARSAL VERSION OF "EDITORIAL"!(Added 8/04/03)

Chad and Phil. Chad speaks for the first time about his dear friend, the late Phil Hartman. Features a previously unseen picture of Chad and Phil recording together in 1979. (Added 8/12/02)

Chad & Jeremy take a dip. A photo feature of Chad & Jeremy's 1966 visit to the Marineland waterpark. They were there to do The Beverly Hillbillies at Marineland television special, and to do a photo shoot. This one is not to be missed, with both the original text of a 1966 issue of Teen Screen, and some words from Chad 30-odd years after this insane publicity stunt! (Added 8/12/02)

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