Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde
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CHAD & JEREMY: Ark-elogy

The Chad & Jeremy Press Page...

You have reached C&J's press website, designed for media professionals to promote concert and in-store appearances.

Below are links to the relevant pages where you can find their latest biography, press photos, multimedia links, or specific info related to their recent retail compact disc release - ARK-eology. Also included is a press release for Fall 2010's "50 Years On" concert exclusive CD.

If you are promoting a show, the page that will be of the most use to you is the "Main" C&J Press Page. It contains the biography, a selection of press photos, and much more.

If you are a media professional wishing to arrange an interview with Chad & Jeremy, please contact C&J's representative at

For the MAIN C&J PRESS PAGE CLICK HERE for much more info.

For the "50 YEARS ON..." CD PRESS RELEASE CLICK HERE to download pdf file.

For the "ARK-EOLOGY" CD PRESS PAGE CLICK HERE for more info.