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Jeremy's Birthday Letter From London...

Jeremy sends his thanks for the warm birthday wishes for 2015.

If you are one of those lovely people who sent Birthday cards and were waiting to see if they had arrived, the answer is yes, finally, a couple of days ago. And what an amazing & humbling collection of good wishes they turned out to be. Extraordinary, really, that people should bother. Huge thanks to you all, of course. Apparently, a famous baseball player - one Satchel Paige - used to say, " how old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" Hmmm. Well, let's switch the numbers round and say 47. That'll do for a start.

Thus, suffused with youthful vigour, I am hard at work on BDS2, the old bottom drawer sessions, that is. I can report that at the time of writing about 3/4 of the tracks are in fine shape, with the remaining quarter in need of some judicious tinkering. As it happens, we are tinkering tomorrow. Can't wait. Thrilling. So much so that I'm already thinking about BDS3. Believe me, the drawer is still overflowing, and I'm still holding back some of my favourites.

Here, Spring has sprung and England is in flower. I suggest you get over here while the dollar is strong and join in the fun. I'll be going the other way in May for the West Coast Chad & Jeremy dates, of course. Looking forward to working with My Old Pal again. And, in particular, that moment when we first sing together and - wow - there is that amazing blend, still there. Awesome, as you say over there.

See you there, perhaps...

Love & thanks,

Photo by Matt Clyde, from the recording of 'The Bottom Drawer Sessions'.

An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2015  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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