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Jeremy's Birthday Letter From London...

Jeremy sends his thanks for the warm birthday wishes and announces a brand new solo project.

Very dear C&J people...

Or, in this case, perhaps it should be J people. Either way, a huge parcel has just arrived, sent by the redoubtable Jason. Once again, an astonishing number of cards and best wishes. Truly a humbling experience. Thank you, one and all. Some I recognised, some enclosed photos to help me put faces to names, and some do not seem to have been at our various appearances but just seem to have remembered the Sixties with such fondness that it is quite overwhelming to hear of their memories, so fresh after all these years.

They don't do this for actors, you know... or at least not over here. And certainly not for me. Just the occasional murmur, "really have enjoyed your work over the years... keep it up" and then a slight smile, rather embarrassed. I suppose it's that mix of music & youth that is so very memorable. And of course we all went through those times together. A shared experience, a shared bond.

For those of you who were there, the February Tour was pretty tough. Note to self... do not do concerts in the Polar Vortex. Haven't seen conditions like that since North Dakota in 1966 when the Coca Cola exploded in the car overnight from the cold, covering the gear in a fine brown mist. And then of course Chad got ill and struggled on heroically to complete the tour. A true Pro. All better now, I hear. The return to London enjoying its first day of Spring was glorious, the parks filled with flowers and everyone smiling on the street. Reminded me of the Sixties, actually, and that brief happy moment of optimism.

Those of you who saw those recent shows will remember the Jeremy Solo Spot, in which I did three previously unheard songs, to, I'm delighted to say, general acclaim & interest. Well, that's just the tip of a huge pile of songs written over the past 40 years, mostly with lyrics by my old pal, David "Big Dave" Pierce. Some of these have appeared on C&J albums.... "Zanzibar Sunset" and "Lady Wants A Gentleman", for example. But mainly they have remained in the bottom drawer. Until now, that is.

Thus, I can announce the start of The Bottom Drawer Sessions, as they have come to be known. I have been working with another old pal, Jo Meacham, a brilliant guitarist & general good guy, in his studio outside London and am extremely excited about the way the sessions are shaping up. The first album, titled, rather obviously, The Bottom Drawer Sessions, No. 1, is well on its way. To be followed in due course by Nos. 2 ,and 3, and so on until the drawer is empty. Suffice to say, the drawer is absolutely overflowing. The first BDS will definitely include the songs I performed in the solo spot on the last tour. Also, I happen to have a son, Matt, who is a film maker. Check out the first clip on my showreel, Heaven On Earth. That's one I did with him. He has been filming some of the early recording sessions with Jo & I. Jason will be releasing them soon on Youtube to give you some idea of the way I am planning to spend this summer, before we all meet again in the fall for more C&J Fun.

Just promise me there is no Polar Anything this time.

Once again, so many thanks for all the cards and good wishes, and, yes, that old Sixties Thing.... love.


Photo by Matt Clyde, from the recording of 'The Bottom Drawer Sessions'.

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