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Jeremy's Letter From London...

Jeremy thanks the fans for their continued support in 2014, and teases upcoming news for 2015.

Dear C&J people...

As always, I had forgotten just how much sheer effort goes into the business of touring, especially abroad. I tend to think that it will be straight off the plane and back into the Joys of Real Life. Wrong, as ever. The total collapse was, well, total. I seemed to have all the energy of a mollusc. Then I remembered that it hadn't just been one tour, but four different ones, each with their own challenges, involving nearly two months away from home.

So... the British Invasion Tour, the actual C&J Evening With, the tryout of the new Peter Asher/C&J mixed media event, and last but not least in terms of sheer effort, the JC One Night Concert Tour supported by old friends Rick Jones & Valerie Neal, in which I dared to perform the entire 'Bottom Drawer Sessions No 1.', plus doing "Willow Weep For Me" & "A Summer Song" solo, an event in itself. Talk about holding the nose & jumping in. However, my pal the Rev. Dave raised some money for Habitat For Humanity - enough for a window frame probably - and a fun time was had by all. I pondered all this from the depths of the armchair, and then the bed, and then the armchair again and decided that I could allow myself a well earned rest... except that the weather was beautiful and family & friends wanted to hear how it had all gone. "Er, fine" I said, unable to put into words the enormity of the experience.

Now the stories are being told, suitably embellished for comedic effect, as the weather turns ever more autumnal and the shops remind us that Christmas is on the way. And for you over there of course, Thanksgiving... Thanksgiving for escaping from us and surviving the experience. Well, it all turned out quite well in the end, didn't it, and it's always a joy to visit the escapees and see what they made of it. In this case it was a full survey as we toured both coasts, plus a side trip I did to see relatives in New Mexico, then finally the glories of a New England fall. So, no reason to be a bit weary, then.

Now it's back into the the studio with my old pal Jo Meacham & straight into 'The Bottom Drawer Sessions, No. 2'. At the time of writing there are six songs definitely decided and much cogitation as to the rest. There is also much loose talk of more fun next year in the USA, with Chad of course, and possibly Peter, possibly crossing paths with other British Invaders. But I'll leave all that news to The Management who will be keeping y'all informed when things become official. For the moment, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued love and affection (50 years on!) and wish you a splendid Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Please tell your friends about the BDS No. 1. The perfect gift for People Of Taste & Discretion. I cannot tell you excited I am about No. 2. And indeed the whole project. As is Chad, by the way, which is hugely appreciated.

And now I must dive back into the Drawer & make some decisions.....


You can order 'The Bottom Drawer Sessions, No. 1' at Jeremy's new website -

Photo by Matt Clyde, from the recording of 'The Bottom Drawer Sessions'.

An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2014  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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