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New York, New York

Jeremy Clyde Takes Us On A Mad Dash Through Manhattan...

Text By Jeremy Clyde. Photos By J.J. McDade & Caswell Cooke, Jr.

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The Net is destroying so many things I value...newspapers, bookshops, record shops. A good reason, therefore, to perform at one, and plug the album and the gig that night at BB King's. So we agreed to do a public appearance at J&R in NYC, one of the few old record shops that are left these days, an in-store in New York arranged by TBO honcho Bob Heinlein in California through his distribution contacts in the midwest (as the internet taketh, so the internet giveth).

These appearances can be a bit hairy. No sound check...often stuck on some riser at the back of the shop... sometimes with microphones that go back to the 50's, speakers ditto. This particular setup was quite nice as these things go. J&R is one of the biggest independent record stores in the states and us playing there is no small thing - but you get the general idea - the watchword for in-stores is "raw". All in all, such appearances are remarkably like the gigs that Chad & I used to do right at the beginning. Sometimes life brings us around in circles.

So off we go and I can see that Chad is not happy with the sound. So we pause after the first number - a Buddy Holly song - and it is now Exactly Like It Used To Be. For then I look up and see my old girlfriend from those days at the Central School of Speech & Drama standing in the audience. Well, it was cosmic stuff. Of all people... Helena! In New York City! She who I'd last seen 5 years ago when a play I was in came to Cheltenham, her home these many years. And here we all are, doing the same tunes in the same ramshackle way. Talk about circles.

Naturally we all went to lunch and talked of old times. The memories and stories poured out. Chad hadn't seen her since the early 1960's, when they were on the same course at Central. Turns out she was visiting her daughter who lives in New York and had seen something in the paper. Ah, the importance of newspapers....

Then through torrential rain to go on Cousin Brucie's radio show on Sirius. The Cuz is always fun to see again and we fooled around and laughed a lot and it didn't feel like work at all. Even better, there is our old friend Teddy Zambetti who played drums for us on the British Invasion Tour in 86/87. He is now a Big Cheese at Sirius and so once again it's Memory Lane and hugs and much mirth.

That is until Teddy and others warned us that our gig at BB King's tonight clashes with the Biggest Game in the History of New York. Baseball...World Series...NY Yankees. Or something. Not only that, it's a Wednesday. Not only that, it is raining hugely. "Bummer, dude." As it turns out, the weather breaks, the people come to see us in remarkable numbers and I get a kick on seeing my name in lights on 42nd St.

A Day to Remember.


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