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Jeremy Clyde's Tribute To Gordon Waller

Jeremy Shares His Memories As We Say Goodbye To Gordon Waller.

Illustrated with rare photos of P&G live at Atlantic City's Steel Pier in 1965, taken from the personal collection of F. Jason Rhoden.

You can click on the rare photos for a slightly larger view.

When Gordon passed away last year it caused a flood of memories to come back to Chad and myself - mainly of our very early days starting out in the folk clubs of London brushing shoulders with those who would shortly become 'hit-makers'.

On May 29th, 2010, Chad and I, along with Peter Asher and quite a few others, are saying goodbye to Gordon in a tribute show in Las Vegas. Away from all of that, we wanted to pay our own quiet little tribute and I want tell a story that isn't often heard.

It's a story that I had been telling for years, even though Chad wasn't sure that it happened that way. Then we all finally worked together and Gordon confirmed it.

We were signed by John Barry, who had checked out our regular lunchtime gig at Tina's Bar in Albemarle Street in London. This was in the summer of '63. When we announced that we were leaving to pursue a higher calling in show business, Tina and the management asked whether we knew anybody else who did what we did. "Sure" - we said - "we'll ask our friends Peter Asher & Gordon Waller", then billed as Gordon & Peter, if you must know. "They have a regular gig at the Pickwick Club. We're often down there and we'll ask them." They took over our slot and within a year we were all in the charts, being portrayed as great rivals.

I was always in awe of Gordon's vocal abilities. A fantastic grownup soul sound that made us seem even more whispery and wimpy. It meant that they could tackle a blues with far more conviction than we could muster. We never actually worked together until a couple of years ago when we finally shared a stage and sang "Bye Bye Love" in an enthusiastic, if rather chaotic version. It was a historic moment and it is sad to think that it will never happen again. Goodbye, Gordon, and thanks for the memories. I still wish that I could sing like you.

Thank you to Jeremy Clyde for sharing his thoughts with us, and thank you to Peter & Gordon for such wonderful memories. Rest in peace, Gordon.


An Electric Paintbox production.
Copyright 2010  Frank Jason Rhoden.

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